How long ’till Thanksgiving?

So… It’s Sunday and I’m, obviously, putting all of my effort into finishing “Looking Backward” which I should’ve done a while back.

Plus, I have outlining, vocabulary, that Populist/Progressive chart, an anatomy project (due the 1st), an IB project (luckily I can do that in class)… Yeah. I seriously need to start doing this stuff.. Oh, right, and that AP English stuff that I’ve been putting off for something like 6 months.

Gonna need to start planning a bit more, I think.

Today: Finish book, get some/all outlining done, some vocab, maybe look at the chart. Also need to upload TGJT and other minor things… Yeah.

It’s almost Thanksgiving – I’d be looking forward to it if I didn’t know that I was going to have tons of homework (even if it assigned, I know I’ll still have SOMETHING to do)… Yeah

Oh, of course I forgot – Calculus graded assignment tomorrow on something I don’t understand… Greaaaat. Need to look into that, tonight… Yeah.

Also, tomorrow will be Britney and I’s one month… Which is good, even if it just adds to the things to do… Heh.

Speaking of Britney.. I miss her. She’s out of town, so I haven’t seen her since Thursday, which is too long for me… Should be in tonight, maybe early enough for me to go by and see her.

Gah, Calculus… Need to do really good on that thing tomorrow… *Sigh*

If only we could have a long break, that involves no homework altogether.

Maybe if I can somehow get my AP English and Anatomy stuff done in the next two weeks…

…Yeah right.

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