Things are going pretty okay. I’m really tired, but I should have some time to rest over the weekend.

Now, for an update on my day today, since I don’t do it enough anymore.

In the morning, we talked like usual, and after I hugged Britney good bye, I sadly realized I had international business next… Which is never good. As we (I) usually do in the class, I opened up a window and surfed Google news, Wikipedia, and more. Then we had to read the book (which is like 10 years old – and about BUSINESS)… So terrible. Then our project which we have “tons” of time to work on and cannot do at home – please note that we only get like 15 minutes a day to work on it.

After I made it out of that horrid class, it was on to work city in APUSH. Blah blah grades blah Mrs. Sanders and a video… Yeah. Looking Backward quiz – think I did okay on it… Maybe. And this nice chart on “The Jungle” I need to finish, along with outlining, and vocab plus studying. Not that much, actually.

So, after APUSH, I had to go to Calculus AKA confusing. At first we copied as many answers as possible for our graded assignment – considering something like 6 of us together couldn’t do it, we needed help… Yeah. Anyway, onto… New stuff! Linearization (or something like that) and Newton’s Method. Newton’s Method of wasting paper, to be specific. Basically, it involves using a formula -> xn+1 = xn – [f(xn) / f'(xn)] -> and requires getting things equal to 6 decimal places. So totally lame. There’s some ‘help’ she’s going to give us – but we all have to solve one the long way… And I can’t! It’s not working, so yeah, I could easily get yelled at… But otherwise it’s pretty easy – overall, anyway… And for now. I’m thinking of dropping BC.

Next, it was lunch… Talked a bit, went to the library where Britney showed off her totally unfair huge list of Oz extra credit.

After lunch, I departed to Anatomy, where we talked about strokes, then worked on a lab… About blood pressure, which I am not very good at measuring. Copied some notes and then went home.

Okay, I still have vocab and “The Jungle” Chart to do… But It’s like 6:55 right now (started writing this 2 hours ago, yep), so I’ve got time.


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