Ohmygod. It was worth the wait, people, it was worth the wait.

I got about 3 hours of TP at Mike’s house… I’m going to make a “lite” spoilers section and a “heavy” one for more info.

The controls! Once I got the wooden sword, it was practice after practice… The Wiimote takes care of basic swiping and slicing actions.

To stab, you push forward on the nunchuk’s analog stick and then jab the Wiimote forward. Once Z-targeting, hitting A causes you to do a diving lunge attack.

The best? Shake the nunchuk to do a spin attack! Ah, so so awesome.

The beginning village is rather huge, by the way. It’s crazy how much space such a small place takes up. Crazy awesome, that is.


Ah, so it starts off simple enough. Herding goats and such… Stuff about monkeys getting in the way.

So blah blah you get a wooden sword blah.. And then these kids run off chasing a monkey! The first semi-dungeon starts with you cashing after them, (one kid gets captured) and beating on monsters with a wooden sword. And a slingshot.

You find them and rescue them, so all is good.

Anyway, you have a sword to bring to Hyrule Castle as tribute, so the mayor is telling you to ride Epona, and then a girl who is your friend and the mayor’s daughter sees some scratch on Epona and runs off, mad at Link. By now you see the amazing emotion – Link and the Mayor look so stunned and have that “sorry!” look when they’re being lectured.

So Link trades away his wooden sword to get past some of the other kids to get to the spring where Epona is. Using some skills, he sneaks past the closed gate to the spring. The girl hears what happened to Epona (got hurt while saving the kids), and forgives you..

Then… BAM! Goblins on animals! They hit link over the head and take the kids and run. Link wakes up and freaks out. He runs towards where the goblin guys came from and finds some sort of swirling door… And a hand reaches out and pulls him into the Twilight.

He gets transformed into a wolf at this point. Midna appears and helps you, but you have to get out of your cage. Done. Midna is awesome, I must say. She’s sinister in a funny way and is sort of like a cruel Navi… And comes in handy. She’s rather cruel, too. So anyway, you get through another mini-dungeon of sorts. Then Midna teases you with the “Do you know where you are?” lines.

This is a great moment, because 99% of the players will realize it’s Hyrule Castle in the Twilight – but Link obviously wouldn’t know… But it keeps the atmosphere. Link follows Midna until they appear in a tower… Zelda’s tower.

Let me just say it now. Zelda is incredibly pretty in the game. Nice features, and all. Haha, it was surprising.

So Midna forces Zelda to tell Link what happened (Midna and Zelda know each other – no idea why)… Also, Midna calls Zelda the Twilight Princess – question answered.

So Zelda explains to Link.


The soldiers of Hyrule line up in the throne room, and the doors crash open, with twilight beasts running through. If you weren’t sure the game was darker, just see the scene. The beasts jump on the soldiers and stand on them, hands on their throats.

A figure walks in and gives Zelda an ultimatum – surrender the realm to him and the twilight, or die. We see Zelda’s face, then her hand, as she drops her sword.

There ya go, folks, the first major plot twist: Zelda surrendered Hyrule.

Oh well. She’s still pretty, I forgive her.

Anyway, the guard begins climbing, so Midna transports you back, but laughs when you realize you’re still a wolf.

After some problem solving, you go back towards the twilight gate… But are stopped at the spring by a voice.

First Boss! Twilight Being. Pretty easy, jump on and bite like hell. It dies, and the spring transforms a bit and a big creature made of light appears and tells you it is one of four beings of light that are being attacked by the Twilight. Says to get your body back, you need to take out the Twilight at the other end of the forest (where you were going) and free another light being – the other three are down.

This is when I had to leave. That’s right guys, 3 hours and no full dungeon yet.



Ashleigh and anyone and everyone who helped me last night, now, and in the future: you are all wonderful and amazing, and I’m so happy to know all of you… You people are the best ever.


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