Today wasn’t all that bad… But tomorrow is going to be insane.

Not only do I have an APUSH test, but I have a Calculus retake. Luckily, it’s something I now understand. Yep. Should be easy… I seriously hope.

Speaking of Calculus – I’m taking BC. Yep. Maybe I’ve finally gone insane, but I’m going to stick with it.

Still speaking of Calculus, today I played LotR Risk in there. Totally had all of Mordor and Gondor. Yep. But then the bell rang. I’d say I won.

The pig dissection goes well – I got a 100 on my part. Now we’re working for extra credit… Pulling out the brain and spinal cord intact.

With that 100 on the books, I have a 97 in A&P. Nice, I’d say, especially since I’ll get a 98 when I finish that study guide.

I guess that’s all I’ve got for today.. Oh, except…


Yep. Good stuff.


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