Open House – Meh.

So tonight was Open House.

To all zero of you who went… You missed.. Uh.. Nothing!

As the chairman of club committee, my job was to be given the wrong information, deal with teachers who were scary, set up stuff for clubs who didn’t show, and, overall, enjoy the night.

It was pretty fun, I mean, after the whole “move the tables” and “Science club” thing. Yeah.

Hawkins.. Haha. I’m pretty sure he was mad at me and wanted to say something, but it happened to be my job to organize clubs, so I had the right to tell him I’d do the best that I could. And I did.

I guess you could say it started okay, went downhill, then finally settled. The best part of the night was the break dance club, obviously.

Britney’s Model UN poster was awesome, by the way… Sadly, the feather scarf things + Gabe & Cheshil picture came with it.


P.S.: Good luck with your position papers… Ha.


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