It’s strange when you want something after so long not wanting it.

Last night was interesting. Pretty fun. Hopefully we can plan a better pool party. I’m considering the MUN party as a pool party – but I don’t feel like that’ll work well. It’s worth a try, though.

I’m really glad the group is doing more things – but we need to get everyone to start coming! It’s always good to have more people. We should plan something big for next Saturday – it’s Spring Break!

I guess next week could be a TGJT, mainly because the karaoke one is never going to be done at this rate. Sure, all you guys have to do is pick a day, but that seems to be a monumental task.

I think we need a TGJT. They’re fun.

Hm. Things have been getting interesting. I’m glad we’re doing more things, I just wish we could up the amount of people who’re going. Hint. HintHint.

I guess that’s it.


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