Honestly, I can’t think of a subject.

So today I went on an adventure to the eye doctor’s. Yeah. Cheshil got his eyes checked.

According to Britney, you can’t fail that test… That in mind, I didn’t do so great. Uh… So expect a Cheshil in glasses in the all-too-near (those hyphens seem wrong, and yet they seem fun. They stay.) future.

In other news, report cards. I got a 96 in AP Comp. I feel sort of ashamed, though that’s only because she didn’t like my essay. Is that my fault? …Yeah, probably.

I got a 100 in Psychology. It’s not surprising in the sense that the class was easy… But considering I didn’t have a 100 during progress reports, I’m slightly confused. As for Calculus, well, my average went up 3 points because of my notebook grade (AKA the best extra credit in the universe), giving me an 87, which is awesome in ways you cannot comprehend.

As for Physics, well, a 91. It isn’t terrible, though I’m disappointed. Luckily, it should easily be pulled up by this quarter’s average (100 on the last test!). Speaking of Physics. Rube. This is going to be very interesting, to say the least.

I wonder if it’s true that things would be entirely different if I’d made a different decision or done something differently.


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