Might as well. (2nd Time I’ve Done This)

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1) What would you do if died? Find out why and solve it. Then, probably, find a way to bring him back. NO DEAD JOHN.
2) What exotic animal would like as a pet? I can see Jorge with an exotic cat, actually.
3) Does have a big secret? Probably. I don’t know.
4) Is 1337? This question is horribly stupid.
5) Is introverted or extroverted? Extroverted
6) One thing you can’t stand about ? She lives waaaayyy too far away.
7) If took over the world, who would suffer? Anyone who didn’t comment on her Myspace.
8) How would kill ? I don’t know. Poor Miles.
9) Is single? I assume so.
10) Have you ever dated ? No.
11) When did you last call ? Never?
12) What video game does remind you of? Oblivion.
13) How would conquer the world? By talking world leaders into insanity.
14) What would you do if you found out has a crush on you? I’d ask her to homecoming, then ask her out. 😉
15) If commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? I don’t know. Emo people?
16) What planet should be from? Mars, because Mars = Aries = God of war = violence = uh.. Liana?
17) Would you make out with ? Uh, no.
18) Would you ever date ? I guess that would depend, wouldn’t it?
19) Is related to ? Nope.
20) Which of your friends should go out with? I don’t know… Haha. Miles.
21) Do you think is hot? Totally.
22) What would give for his/her birthday? Something artistic.
23) ‘s hair color? Jorge’s hair color is an epic black/darkish brown thing.
24) Is a high school student? Yes
25) What animal does remind you of? Hmmmm. I don’t know!
26) Would be a better ninja or pirate? Probably a Ninja.
27) What is ‘s favorite movie? No idea.
28) Is popular? No idea.
29) Thoughts on ? Devon is awesome.
30) How many monkeys could fight at once and win against? A good amount, I’m sure.
31) Is a nerd? Aren’t we all?
32) Is related to you? Nope.
33) What languages does speak? English, Art
34) If was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Adrian, Michigan.. You know. In general.
35) Is an emo? Haha. No.
36) Where was born? Texas.. Uhhh. Arlington, right?
37) Where would most like to visit? I don’t know.
38) Do and go to the same school? Actually, yes.
39) What is ‘s favorite game? I’m going to assume it’s Ocarina of Time.
40) If took over the world, who would be happy? 99% of the population, I’d say.
41) What do you agree with about? A lot of things?
42) What color should dye their hair? She shouldn’t. It’s just fine the way it is.
43) What is ‘s biggest flaw? He doesn’t actually have red, spikey hair.
44) Where was born? ..Michigan?
45) What song/movie would you recommend to ? Uhhh. Johnny English. Which is a movie.
46) Does travel a lot? I guess?
47) Would you wrestle in jello? Totally.
48) How tall is ? Uhhh. Five foot something under 7?
49) If had a superpower, what would it be? I’m assuming the alien hair is giving her this power, so probably superhuman height… And wouldn’t you know it?! She has it!
50) Is dead sexy? Ha.
51) Would and look good together? Doubt it.
52) Would and make a good couple? No.
53) Would go out with ? Haha. Not on my watch.
54) What flavor of jello would be? The sparkling grape juice kind.
55) Has dyed their hair? I wouldn’t know.
56) Is in a relationship? Yes
57) What comic book character would be? Batman.
58) What animal should be combined with? Hmm… Something aquatic or something that could fly. I’m not sure.
59) What rank would have in a giant robot army? Well, it depends. Is it one of the GRAs that is trying to eradicate humanity, or is it lead by humans?
60) Is your best friend? Hm. I can’t answer this question without losing.
61) How long have you known ? 8th grade.. So over 3 years.
62) If and were spliced together, what would it be like? Horribly disturbing.
63) Have you flirted with ? No! She’s my big sis!
64) What mental disorder does remind you of? All of them, in one incredibly not scary package.
65) Does have a crush on ? Nope.
66) What is ‘s shoe size? I don’t know.
67) If and were spliced together, what would be its name? Kylssa
68) Does drink? Everyone drinks, it’s essential to living.
69) Do you have ‘s screenname? Yes.
70) What is ‘s favorite band/artist? Pass.
71) If were hanging off a cliff, what would do? I can’t be sure.
72) Where did you first meet ? French. Fifth Period. 8th Grade.
73) What do you disagree with about? Many things.
74) If and were siamese twins where would they be joined? o_o I don’t know.
75) Does do drugs? I wonder sometimes… =P Kidding.
76) What is allergic to? I don’t kow.
77) Is friends with ? Doubtful.
78) Does know ? Yes, probably.
79) Is a college student? No
80) Has been to your house/dorm? Yes
81) Are and going out? No
82) Is athletic? Sort of?
83) ‘s eye color? Brown
84) Does go to your school? No
85) How long would dating last? Haha. I’d give it a good while, to be honest.
86) Are and married? Haha, no.
87) Are and going steady? Oh yeahhhh. 😉
88) Does smoke? Probably not.
89) Would you set up and ? See above.
90) Does have a dog? I don’t know.
91) What is ‘s favorite food? See above.
92) Could you see and together? No.
93) What would think of ? No idea.
94) What is ‘s favorite color? Death.
95) Which president would be likely to idolize? James Madison.
96) What would do differently in your shoes? Grow.
97) Do you have a crush on ? Nope
98) One quality you find attractive in ? She’s entertaining to be around.
99) Did break up with you? Nope.
100) What word best describes ? Tim. *gasp*


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