Today was an exceedingly good day. So much so that I’ll actually type out what happened, for once.

So in the morning, the great nation of Venttodoor (Ventadoor?) was attacked and invaded by imperialist backpacks. After that came some positive population growth (Which officially makes us better than Russia!), as Melissa hung out with us in the morning.

As is the usual, I went next to AP Comp. We.. Uh. Did stuff, I guess. Grammar quiz (which I didn’t have to take) and project work. Actually, I did all of my Calculus homework. Not much really happened, except I attempted (and failed) at taking over the class…

Because of the Faculty/Senior Basketball game and Senior Skip Day, Economics had about 3 people in it. Okay, actually, it sort of fluctuated, but it was mainly me, Umair and Andrea. We played hangman. There were some interesting words (Mine included Bolshevism, Giuseppe Verdi, and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle)… Yep. It was actually pretty fun.

Of course, the fun had to end, and I ended up in Calculus… Where the fun did NOT end. Of the seven homework questions, I got 2 wrong (which is awesome for me, and one of them was really simple) and that was so cool. Then, we got a work sheet. At first there was dread, until it was revealed as EXTRA CREDIT and we worked on it as a class. Yeah. As you can tell, by this time today was high on the “omg awesome” list.

So even that (sadly? *gasp*) came to an end… Then came lunch! And let me tell you, eating outside is so so so much better than eating inside and being insulted. So today we put our money together and bought a cake. Yes. A cake. And we talked, which I’m beginning to realize that I enjoy doing with people who listen. Oh. And tater tots. Yay for taxation without representation!

So that ended and I went to Physics. We worked on ACT questions – got 4 wrong today (for a total of 5 wrong). Honestly, I blame the announcements, which took up 2/3s of our time with a loud voice saying something about Prom. Not. Fair. Anyway. After that it was “ACT tips” AKA “pretend like we’re doing something”.

So that was my day. I went home…

…But the fun did not end!

I ended up going to Wal-Mart to get food, and on the way there, Devon called and she met me there for party-supply shopping. We got a bunch of stuff. I’d tell, but I’d rather it be surprise. Anyway. We ended up looking at games, and while in the Barbie-aisle looking at dolls (there’s no way I can spin that in a positive way, is there?)… Heather showed up! And Heather went on about… Uh… Stuff. Eye Liner? Something eye-related. That was fun. Then, we checked out and so forth. Then, I returned home.

Yes, there’s more.

Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis came back tonight.

Now that’s a Friday.


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