I left.

I grabbed the shovel from the garage, took the laptop, and the car keys.

I figured that the amount of windows in this house would make staying alone pointless. I found my backpack and tossed everything out of it. I needed the room. I put in the laptop and a can of Pringles I managed to find.

There wasn’t much time to think too far ahead.

I opened the door to the garage, happy to see that everything was in place.

The hardest part came next. I opened the garage. My parents had the Acura, so my best bet was a mad dash for the SUV.

I stood a little back, waiting to see if any more “curious” zombies (*shudder*) entered.

They didn’t.

I slowly moved towards the car. A quick survey showed at least three on the driveway and none on my side of the car. I unlocked the car and made a mad dash.

I’m not sure how I managed it, but the backpack and myself made it in once piece.

I turned on the car, flipped it into reverse, and took out my next two zombies.

As proud as I was for those 7 to 8 seconds, that turned to dread. My rear mirror was covered in blood, and use of the rear wiper gave me a red-tinted view of the world.

Worse, was the chaos.

I’ve seen the movies and played the games but… Well. They were organized.

A few zombies roamed freely, but I saw at least two groups of 5-8 making their way… well… wherever.

One was… feasting. I didn’t look to see.. but they were sprawled on the side of the road, their faces…

I wanted to vomit.

I hit the pedal and got as far as I could.

The roads were intact, which was good.. There weren’t any cars. But there were Zombies.

I killed another 4 or 5, but knew this wasn’t a great idea – the blood spatter was hurting my view (It didn’t wipe of very well – I don’t want to know why), and the bodies were damaging.

I got lucky. I noted another car in the distance – a black van with white letters on the side… “CDC”.

They slowed. The back opened and two soldiers (Or, at least, people with assault rifles) came out first, followed by two unarmed people. All were in haz-mat suits. I studied their movement. I hadn’t seen any of these Zombies driving, but I wasn’t about to take any stupid risks.

I pulled off to the side. Grabbing my pack, I took the sword in one hand, and the shovel in the other.

I made a quick survey and got out of the car.

I was just past a small bridge, which went over a small outcropping of bayou. On said bridge were two zombies; I hadn’t noticed them before.


I fell to the ground. Were they shooting at me? If they were, I knew it wasn’t worth being on the ground. I got up and ran towards them – better than at the zombies, right?

I got close enough to realize I wasn’t the target. I turned and the two zombies were dead…

More were coming. Apparently they’re attracted to sound.

The unarmed people grabbed me and put me into the van, the armed ones following.

In the van, they took the sword and my jacket – both were bloodstained.

I’m out of quarantine now. To the best of my knowledge, the CDC sent three helicopters filled with teams – they landed at the football stadium. The nearby location of the air force base seems to be one of the reason why they picked here.

The stadium offers cover on two sides – the others are well guarded… Or, at least, better than I had a chance at making.

They’re trying to figure out what’s going on. I’m doing my best to help.

Good news. The first jet just flew by overhead.

Or is it bad? I don’t want missiles raining down.


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