I’ve been watching from the roof.

I’m tired… And things have been quiet. As quiet as a zombie attack can get, anyway. Part of me feels safe enough to sleep… That part is stupid.

I’ve done some thinking.

Maybe I shouldn’t have left the house? Maybe I could’ve fortified myself like Liana. I don’t know how useful that would’ve been.

Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to the CDC camp. For all I know, the blood that was on my old clothes has infected me… I shudder at that thought. It’s enough to make me want to kill myself.

Part of me realizes that these mindless creatures were once human, just like me. I push those thoughts out of my head – they aren’t any more. I don’t think they’d want to continue living (if you’d call it that) like this.


Some jets just flew by overhead. That’s a sign that not every CDC Camp is gone. I guess that means there isn’t any higher power involved in these zombie attacks – something that makes me breathe just a bit easier.

I can hear a helicopter in the distance…

It went by over heard… And it’s raining bullets on the zombies in the stadiums… An explosion. A missile, perhaps? It’s suddenly very bright.

I said the zombies seemed attracted to noise, right?

They’re pouring out of every corner… From places I had no idea they were… Under me. They’re running at the bullets.

The ‘copter has turned back.

I flagged it down. Pilot says more are on the way, one with food and water. Will take me back to Keesler.

My parents are there. How do I know? Well… I guess I don’t. Lucky guessing, maybe?

It’s gone. I guess I wait… And watch.

What… The hell?

All of the zombies (and there were a good many of them) stopped moving. I think they dropped to the ground, but it’s dark and hard for me to tell from this distance. The moaning has stopped…. For the first time in what feels like forever. Clock reads midnight. Sick coincidence?

I don’t know what to make of this, but I’m not moving from here. I’ll stick with the ‘copters, whenever they get here.

A tiny bit of me feels as though I’ve survived.

I hope it’s right.


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