This is a satire.

Man I really wish people didn’t jump to conclusions.
I remember years ago when I went through a similar phase.
But, I managed to get over the paranoia.
I have been trusted and distrusted, liked and then hated.
And then I realized it wasn’t others, it was me.
It just came to me!
Going and complaining doesn’t fix anything,
especially when it’s said person’s fault the “conclusions” they are jumping to even exist.
I have my group of friends, and I’m happy with that.
But sometimes I do wish I didn’t have people who shake that up without reason.
People that jumped to conclusions and lived in made up drama and what not.
Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I should do something to fix this…
O wait, I haven’t done anything wrong. Like, at all.
I guess I really shouldn’t care anymore. I have friends. And I just need that. ❤

(Written in response to something stupid.)


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