Nuclear Fun

Now I remember why I bought Supreme Commander.

Okay, so I was just playing a regular skirmish… The normal AI is a lot easier than I remember it … So I was at tech 3 and they were sending a bunch of tech 1 stuff at me (basically, I could’ve yawned and killed them) so I decided to have some fun.

That, of course, meant using nuclear weapons on my allies who didn’t do anything. At all. The entire match? I saw them send a few scouts. They did NOTHING. I figured this was a good reward for them.

The missile hits. My target? Their ACU (which, when killed, explodes in a similar nuclear fashion).

The scope of the attack.

There’s the blast at full zoom. It’s huge, eh?

That’s about all that’s left.

Of course, the rules in this match didn’t allow for alliances to be broken, so the most my ally did was begin rebuilding…

…And I didn’t really like that idea.

Boom. It’s more purple now, as there isn’t an ACU explosion mixed in. Aeon nukes = purple.

Meanwhile, I was nuking my enemies (I have pictures of that, but I think 6 is good for now). As the final nuke heading towards the enemy (which would end the match), I noticed a small group of buildings my allies were working on. Upon further inspection, I realized they were high up the tech ladder (That still confuses me. Why use T1 attack units but have T3 everything else?)… Thus, it had to be destroyed. Three or four buildings were done, but one was being built. What was it? Haha. Strategic missile defense – something to stop my nukes. The building was half done. I launched a nuke at it… And my final one hit, ending the match before I could finish my ally. But I was content – my nuke would’ve hit their defense about when it was completed – they would’ve had no time to build the missiles required to stop my nuke.

❤ ❤ ❤ Supreme Commander ❤ ❤ ❤

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