So, I have a copy of the OSSD 07-08 schedule right here and I’m going to point out some interesting things for you people.

We have from October 10th to 12th off (Wed-Fri) for our world famous student holiday that constantly gets taken up and eaten by hurricanes and other odd things. The bad thing is that the second quarter starts the Tuesday BEFORE that, which gives everyone an extra day to get work for the long weekend.

We still have a week off for Thanksgiving.

The last day of the 1st semester is a Thursday, meaning we have half (40%, actually) of that day plus the following Friday added onto our break. So, from December 21st until January 7th, we’re out. Quarter three starts on a Tuesday.

Mardi Gras is really really early in February this year (which is lame). Spring Break is 17-21 of March, meaning we have the entire month of April and however much of May we have to go through without a day off.

May 23rd is the last day for everyone else, and if the past few years are any indication, it may be our graduation.

Slightly scary, eh?

EDIT: I’m off on that graduation date. Looking at the schedule a bit more, we’ll be graduating Tuesday, May 27th at 7 PM.



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