And so it begins…

So. The last first day. The beginning of the end. Whatever, right now it’s just a return to the pain.

Let’s start at the top!

I got to school nice and early to get a nice parking spot (which I did). After the normal morning festivities, I went to TA… Which had changed for the 3rd time in four years, and is now in a different hall. The room was incredibly clean… And slightly creepy. I got my schedule and it was changed (more or less) to how I wanted it.

As I had late arrival and was on campus, I hung out with Mrs. Sanders. Chris came, and we did some filing for the PEP kids (AKA the pre-IB freshmen). We also ended up passing out t-shirts to some of them, where I realized most of them did not respond to their name. It was slightly sad.

After that fun ended, I went to Zoology. It looks like it could be fun – too bad I’ll probably be dropping it. In general, everyone seemed stupid and at first had some fascination with me and decided I was the smartest thing ever. Seriously. It was actually really annoying, because I don’t know anyone in there. After that ended, they became fascinated over the existence of I would love the attention for it if I actually updated it. <.<

Anyway, that ended and I went to lunch. Lunch was bad, mainly because I nearly melted and could not think of anything to do except for complain. Note to self: no more black shirts.

Continuing on, I went to AP Human Geography which is pretty entertaining. Mr. Stone is pretty funny, in a slightly odd way. We didn’t really have anything planned, but I did get a book. Which isn’t good, for the record. But oh well…. OH. And I had the best seat in the class, and someone moved my stuff and took my seat (which, by the way, is really really stupid), so I have a seat where I can’t actually see. Haha.

The end of my day came in AP Microeconomics, which would’ve been nice if I actually got a nice seat. But, I do not. I don’t like my seat at all. We went into the ever fun lecture notes, which was bad because my hand is not up to speed from APUSH. I basically kept to myself during the class because the people who sit around me aren’t the best company in the world (and I was also tired, but that wasn’t really it). Out of the blue, Mrs. Sanders attacked me! I mean, seriously, what was with the bashing of Michigan? It was cruel. I’ve declared war, even.

That’s basically my day. After school, I started my Micro homework, and somehow fell asleep part way through the chapter. The biggest plus so far is that the chapters are short and not that difficult – though that first chapter had about 5 chapters worth of regular econ stuff in it. I’m done with the HW, actually, which makes me happy. Though the second question in the book makes no sense whatsoever.

That is all.


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