One did not attempt to eat me yesterday, and I do not believe Devon can save me from them. Bad news.

If you read the title of this entry and are still here reading the body of it, then you’re probably entirely confused. Anyway. What this entry details is one of the scariest things ever (or so I’ve realized): college applications.

Transcripts, Essays, Interviews, Information… Choices, choices, choices.

So. Where to begin?

I started filling out the Universal College Application (link below) over the summer. Much like the Common App (again, link below), these applications feature tons of information boxes which you can fill in. These, however, save you the monotony of filling out the same thing over and over again, as these can be submitted to different colleges with no changes. They even have a nice spot for an essay.

Obviously it isn’t that easy, as some colleges require supplements.

So anyway. Essays.

Not good stuff, I’ll admit. The universal app has two blanks for essays; one on extracurriculars (read: clubs, jobs or volunteering) and another “personal essay” (read: anything you want… keep in mind your entire future depends on what you write =P). Most colleges require other essays, along with with letters of recommendation from teachers & counselors (lameee) and separate essays for scholarships (AKA my goal in life).

Of course, as is my luck, the University of Michigan has its own online application, which I have begun. Gah. Scary stuff.

Links for those interested: (I suggest applying for Washington University in St. Louis. .. But only if I like you.)


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