A Personal Message to Those of You Who Read This

As you may or may not know, I will be running for Senior class Secretary this year. As the people who read my LiveJournal (and, quite hopefully, my friends), I am asking you personally to help me in this ‘quest’.

Uh, the big deal is that the election is currently Cheshil vs. Casey Campbell. When it comes to it, I feel you can each make a decision on who is the better candidate. Those of you who select me: please, I ask you, spread that sentiment. I need people to know who I am and why I’m running – not just for the title (unless, of course, it changes to something a bit more totalitarian), but because I think I can actually help.

Casey Campbell, to the best of my knowledge, has been our secretary for two years and, as it can be shown, has not done a good job. I doubt you’ve heard any news on her doing her job well.

I have nothing against her, but I feel her time has come and it’s time for someone to fill her shoes.

In conclusion, if you think I’m the best candidate… Please tell people? There’s no way I can reach everyone and I’d really like to win this election.



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