The Longest Weekend Ever

Well, September is finally upon us. That means one thing: it’s officially time to start planning The Longest Weekend Ever.

The Longest Weekend Ever is October 10th-14th (that’s Wed-Sun).

Here are my “goals” or “plans”:

*LAN Party
*Fancy Night
*Pool Party (?)

In more detail:

The LAN Party should be interesting, if worked out right. We don’t have a place, but I think if we pool some money (or someone has connections; I know SOMEONE has to) we can rent out a nice room somewhere. Some people could bring drinks, other food, and we’d have a bunch of PCs. Gaming, of course, would be a staple. This would be a full day event.

Fancy Night, as I have dubbed it, would be a dinner-ish thing. Everyone would dress fancy and our first stop would be some sort of fast food place (Taco Bell?). After they don’t hold our reservations (*gasp*), we go somewhere “less” refined (something actually fancy, of course). I’m thinking, depending on time, we could also do a movie or something.

A Pool Party is iffy; it all depends on weather. And on interest.

So, what else do you guys want to do? There’s a home game on that Friday, so I’ll probably be there.

If we start planning now, we can have the best weekend ever and stuff.


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