Today’s Topic: Devon

So, they postponed Homecoming to next weekend (during which I will be out of town) because of a glorified thunderstorm. I’m glad they did, though, because the weather was terrible today. The sun was WAYYY too bright, and the sky was so blue I was afraid it would become water and drown the world.

Anyway, we all dressed up fancy and went out anyway. Afterwards, we went and saw ’28 Days Later’ at Ren’s house.

So anyway, today’s LJ update topic is Devon. Why?

Chucaduc (12:31:39 AM): i feel sorta bad, because i haven’t made an entry in a while. >.>
Drizzts Lover (12:31:59 AM): well, gee, cheshil, seems to me you should get on that
Chucaduc (12:32:17 AM): pshhh
Chucaduc (12:32:21 AM): maybe i won’t.
Drizzts Lover (12:33:06 AM): well maybe you should
Chucaduc (12:33:20 AM): pshhhh
Chucaduc (12:33:26 AM): what would i write about, hmmm? =P
Drizzts Lover (12:33:59 AM): oh, well, you know. ME, of course.

That’s why!

Hm… There’s a lot about Devon. I could see this become a weekly feature. We’ll start with the basics.

For one, Devon has a dot on her left eye. It’s black-ish and pretty awesome. If she ever loses an eye to a mad villain who shows it to me as bait to get me to come after him (you never know!), I’ll know which eye. This is important.

Devon’s hair is rather versatile. If she puts it in front of her ears and stops smiling, she transforms into her younger sister. If she puts it behind her ears? ..She’s back to Devon! It’s rather amazing.

Now I’ll talk about a personal favorite ‘part’ of Devon: the squeak! Devon’s squeak can be one of anger, frustration, happiness or confusion. Her gestures prior to, during, and after the squeak are key in determining this emotion.

When she flails her arms around and squeaks, it is a squeak of anger. Note: Though she is very cute in this state, there is a possibility of a violent outbreak. A good way to cause this type of squeak is a round of tennis.

A squeak of frustration comes usually when there is a task at hand: this task is generally visible, and is key to understanding this squeak. It is usually mellow in comparison to other Devon-squeaks. To see this squeak in action, go for a poke in the side!

When Devon is happy, she has a specific squeak. This squeak is generally the most pleasant of the squeaks (at least gesture-wise), and can be noted as happy based on the smile that is on her face. Note: Devon is at her most beautiful when this squeak occurs. It can be hard to look away.

A final squeak is one of confusion. This squeak is rare and has only been documented a few times. Further information is forthcoming.

Please remember that I’m always looking and listening for other squeaks! You should be too!


That’s what you get, Devon.


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