Got to school around 8:30-ish, and watched Devon work on her essay (which I bet was excellent), and also worked on getting the stupid camera to load the video clips.

To make a long story short, it did and I got to editting. More to do, true, but still. It worked out.

During lunch I gave moral support while Devon finished her essay (which I still bet is excellent).

Went to 3rd, where we didn’t really do anything. Maybe.. 10 questions done on our Chapter 7 quiz thing? Haha, we also have to finish a Key Issue (read: poster) this week.

Then.. 4th. Sanders was really angry. Haha. It was.. Scary. I had to show some commercials and… Yeah. She calmed down.

Went to MUN (puppet meeting!), but didn’t do much.. Went home after.

Thennn, I returned. To work on Who’s Who. Afterwards, Devon and I went to Subway and then engaged in other (other?) teenage activities. And now I am home, and am done watching the Food Network.



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