Ramping Up

We’re less than a week out on production for The FranciscShow, with filming to take place next weekend.

This is pretty big, because it’ll show if this IAP has any staying power. However, in our last week, the following needs to be completed:

*Get a confirmation on the camera. This is the most important.
*Another formal edit on the script, which I currently can’t get to.
*Checking out the locales; not so important
*A weather check. Haha, that would be a lame reason to postpone it.
*Scripts out to Tony & Francisco (and maybe Kelly).

Should be interesting.


I really miss my computer, which is sitting pretty dead right next to me. ❤ Gaming Computer, though.

Speaking of gaming, I’m back into it since the Orange Box came out. I’ve beaten Portal & HL2: EP2, and enjoying TF2.

No spoilers, but the ending of Episode 2 was, well, emotional. I must say.


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