So, I’m ‘breaking’ the picket lines. Only figuratively, of course, because I would never do it literally. I’m a writer!

Episode 2 isn’t done, but I’m liking it. It’s actually got some good ‘tender’ moments, and I think the comedy is a bit more refined. It also won’t be taking us downtown, which is good. Three episodes with the same scenery would be lame.

In other news, getting prints of digital photos at Wal-Mart is only 12 cents. I think that’s awesome and will be taking advantage of it. Maybe I’ll get a mug with the MUN group shot. Or, even better, a mousepad with the MUN group Moon shot.

In other other news, I wrote an essay tonight. It’s under 400 words, and I need to bring it up a few steps, but I think it’s enough to make me look good for some colleges. It’s on globalization and Mr. Stone spurred it, because he’s so biased against it and teaches his class that way.

Anyway, this weekend is shaping up to be good. Hopefully we’ll finish filming on Sunday for me to have enough time to start editing. With any luck, it’ll be up before the 19th.


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