Starring, Directing…

…Producing, Editing. That’s my job, but I must say I like it. And starring is pushing it, haha. I’m more of a “just there” sorta character.

Filming went really well. Francisco is hilarious. Funnier than you think, even if you think he’s already hilarious. Seriously. In fact, he was the person who followed the script the most.

It’s a good trait.

We dropped the Kelly reference (she didn’t show up?), but that’s the biggest problem. Lighting on the last scene, actually, but still.

I don’t know whether it’ll be a hit for the mass audience, but I know everyone who reads this will love it. Haven’t started editing (I don’t have a firewire, apparently), but when I do, I’ll probably post an entry about it.

And, for the record, OW! Being hit in the face is painful.


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