I don’t post about my life enough. Haha. Used to be the only thing I posted about, and now it’s rather rare. Few and far between, I suppose.

Let’s see. Mom’s home. She’s actually moving around a lot more, which is good. I’ve had to sleep with her (which means waking up at 3 AM), but it’s alright.

Really haven’t done much lately. Got to see Devon last night! It seems like we don’t get to see each other enough.

Cousins are coming in today… Which reminds me. I need to play Super Paper Mario some more. As to how the two topics are somehow related, well, it’s not worth explaining.

I’ve spent my time trying to play some games and editing the show. It’s basically done, expect for a lack of music and a quick re-shoot.

Hm. I really really love Photoshop CS3. I don’t hate opening it up any more, which also means I don’t leave it open for days at a time and watch as my computer starts to hate me. The loading time is incredibly awesome.

Other than that, well… I’ve got nothing.

EDIT: Gahhhh. There’s another sale on at Threadless, and I am (as usual) still broke and cannot afford a thing. I need a job.


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