Resolutions: 11 Month Update

Very quickly… A flashback!

1 Jan 2007; “2007, Finally?”

Cheshil’s Resolutions:

*More Insanely Ambitious Projects (IAPs)
*Getting the group (that’d be all of you) to do more stuff – More TGJTs and such
*Reclaiming the glory of CCOM
*At least 2 LAN Parties – One of which has a game that anyone can (and will) play
*Supreme Commander. Yes, this counts as a resolution.
*Getting over those character flaws I have – you know, the whole “big ego” thing. It’s a giant joke, honestly, but yeah. No one but me believes it.

Let’s go down the list.

*IAPs, not so much (The FranciscShow?)
*Doing more stuff? Well. Longest Weekend Evar. The FranciscShow. I’d say that’s done’d.
*Reclaiming the glory? …yeahhhh.
*At least 2 LAN parties. Half way done!
*SupCom? Done and done.
*I’d say I’ve done a good enough job here.

This puts me, officially, at: 3.5/6

Considering these resolutions are officially an IAP and reclaiming any glory will be a future goal (and thus no longer a resolution), a second LAN party will not only complete the fourth resolution, but the completion of the first episode in conjunction with the aforementioned LAN party will solidify the second and thus finish the first. So, basically, we need the following:

*Re-Shoots on The FranciscShow Episode 1
*Another LAN Party (Already being planned, so there!)

I vote in favor of doing those two things in the next 30 days.

Get your calendars – dates coming soon.


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