So, Six Apart finally gave up LJ – it now belongs to SUP, which at least should remove the whole “greed” aspect. …I hope.

Anyway, today I learned a very important lesson in modern computing.

As you may well know, AP Lit is coming up. So, to make sure I don’t have to worry about it, I went to finish up my summer work (which is all but done, really). Upon searching for it.. Well.

It was gone.

This stems from the fact that my computer died about two months ago. To salvage my hard drive, which had everything ever on it, we put it into a shell (the “Metal Gear Box” actually) which made it an external drive. I copied over my documents to the other external.

Fast forward!

So, here I am, searching for it. Well. My AP Lit, AP Comp, and AIM Conversation folders did not get copied over.

And, apparently, the “Metal Gear Box” did not have copies of these files (none of them, actually).

So, obviously after a million searches, I die. I mean. That’s over 6 hours worth of horrible, painful work.

Over the course of about an hour, my mom manages to find me an “undelete” program. And, luckily, everything is safe and sound.

It was dramatic.


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