So, the last day of break and still things to do. I’ve made myself a nice little checklist to feel like I’m making progress.

Hm… To Do:

*AP Lit – Animal Farm
**Print out Bibs/Sources
*AP Lit – Frankenstein
**Print out Bibs/Sources
*Government Work
*WTP Book Units 1-3
**Unit 4
**Unit 5
**Unit 6
*Finish off Common App Essay
*Submit Common App to Colleges
*Finish Emory Supplement
*Finish WashU Scholarship Essays

First Update – 11:07 AM
Second Update – 1:44 PM – Unit 4 Done
Update the Third – 3:59 PM – Unit 5 Done
Update 4 – 5:33 PM – Unit 6 Done; WTP Book Finished
Five. Update. – 10:49 PM – Common App Essay completed. Common app submitted. Emory Supplement completed and submitted.
“Sixth”. – 12:47 AM, 1/8/08 – An Bibs/Sources Printed.
Seventh and Final – 9:36 PM, 1/10/08


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