Countdown: 8

C: Whaaat?
D: Nothing. nothing nothing nothing… I had immigration down.
C: Mm-hm?
D: [anger]
C: 😦
D: What?
C: I’m sorry. … You okay?
D: I will be.
C: Will be? Why only “will be”?
D: I don’t know?
C: Why don’t you know?
D: [sad]
C: You know I love you, huh?
D: Yeah.
C: Everything’s gonna be okay.
D: I should probably get off the phone.
C: Yeah?
D: Yeah.
C: You sure?
D: Yeah


I feel like I don’t help very much. I really wish I could, but I don’t know what to say or what to do. I’m sorry.

I can, however, tap into my secret-hidden-poetic talent!

Devon, cheer up!
Things will be better;
Go ahead, grab a pup…
We’re two birds of a feather!

Gloomy and lost?
Unsure what to do?
A friend without cost…
Is here for you!

Hold your fears close;
But me tighter!
We’ll clear the lows…
Sky’s a-lighter!

The worst will pass,
We’ll be happy!
Now don’t be crass…
You look snappy! 😉

And if you fear,
It’ll never lighten,
Please, shed no tear…
Do not frighten (?)

My love, you see
A cloak of warmth and joy!
Something for you from me…
Because I’m your boy!

Yes. ❤ That’s how I feel, in horrible poetry-form.

I love you tons and tons and tons and tons and tonnes and tons and tonnes. ❤

See you to[day/morrow]. ❤

Much Love & Also Yours,
Cheshil Dixit


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