I owe you this:

Oh 2007, how you passed so quickly.

Argh, I can already tell you that this entry is going to be hard to write, but I said I would do it, so I guess I have to.

First thing’s first – I remember starting off the year with a thought. Simply, I felt 2007 would be better than 2006. Why? Well, for one, I felt it sounded pretty awesome, looked awesome on paper, and I’d still say it’s on top of my list for “best looking year of the decade (so far)”. Another reason was, well… It was a year of promise – no more APUSH, senior year looming, and assorted other things. Did it live up to the hype?! Read on.

January. I started the year with a series of resolutions that I attempted to accomplish. Many of them I did accomplish, but not all of them. New classes, too, in January. I started AP Comp, which brought English, yet again, into my life. Psychology with Webb, which was easy as expected. Third block was, against my common sense, Calculus BC, which proved to take no prisoners when it came to me. Fourth block, physics, proved to be entirely fun and as great as I expected it to be.

Another major event in January – Britney and I began “talking” (again). This, too, should’ve been against my common sense, but I guess you live and learn.

February rolled around, as is usually the case. February had the YMCA Model UN conference, which tugged at both poles of me. On one hand, I won the top award at the conference. On the other hand, well, I lost the election for the position of Secretary-General. That was pretty disappointing, obviously, and it really dampened my spirits. But, of course, time passes and one gets over these things. Also in February, Britney and I started going out again. Yeahhh. I also ended up grounded for the first time in ever at the end of Feb through the beginning of March. Coincidence? Not at all.

I had a total of 8 LJ entries in March, so it’s sorta hard to remember what happened. Apparently, I looked forward to Spring Break. That’s really about it.

Oh, April. April brought me a Spring Break, a crush, and a break up, in that order. I shall name said crush in May, but the break up! Oh, the break up. Why was the break up in April? Your question is as good as mine. That relationship was over in March (maybe I should’ve stuck that in March), but by sheer will, I pushed it forward. And, thus, finally, it was over.

April! Oh, April, you brought me good things, too. The Best Day Ever Ever (Ever)[http://cheshil.livejournal.com/223510.html] happened to be April 13th. Prom was also in April, but it wasn’t all that great, sadly. The after party, though… THAT was amazing: ghetto twister, Wal-Mart hide-and-seek, etc. April had its ups, and it had its downs, but luckily it went “up, up, down, up, down, up, up, up”. Yes. In that order.

May! May had ends, May had beginnings, May had a lot of things! As for those endings, well, that was the end of Junior year. With the end of the year came the realization that I was not infallible (not that I ever thought that, but it’s good to know) – that C in BC will haunt me forever.

Beginnings! Remember that crush I had in April? Should come as no surprise that we started dating in May – oh, Devon, I still ❤ you tons and tonnes.

June! June is one of those months that has dropped out of my memory. According to the old LJ, I volunteered at the library. I still don’t understand why I willing gave away the mornings of my summer, but I suppose it looked good on college apps. Devon was out of town for a while, and came back… And then I went out of town. It was a pretty lonely month, then.

July! July was the cruise. Five days at sea, with tons of food, an amazing room… It was an excellent vacation. After it was over, I started working on that AP Lit stuff. I finished my Frankenstein bibs and started my Animal Farm bibs before I found out my schedule.

August… Ugh. School! My schedule, as expected, was terrible. Luckily, I got it all worked out… Double late arrival (oh yes), and three AP courses… Not that AP Human Geo counts as difficult. Of course, August was the beginning of Micro, and probably the second hardest month of the class.

In September, Micro probably hit the hardest levels. Stupid Micro. Other things in September – I went to Michigan!

Yes, I returned home – but at what cost? I missed homecoming, because they decided to reschedule because of weather (cloudless days = dangerous!)… That was a heavy blow, seriously. Fake Homecoming sorta made up for it. But I saw Miles again, which was pretty awesome. Miles, your school is pretty lame. Haha, seriously.

October! October seems important, but I can’t remember why. I guess it was?

November? Same as above.

December, the end of ’07! Not so much happened, really. I passed my exams and began to go all out for those college Apps.

Overall… An up and down year, but one that took a turn for the “up”. While 2008 isn’t as awesome (on paper) as 2007, I assume it’ll live up to expectations.


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