Soooo… The WGA strike is basically done. I’m excited!

Also. The Super Bowl. Good game, bad commercials.

This month = crazy. Quick rundown of the schedule:

The 2nd = Debate
14-16 = MUN
22 = We The People State
25 = Millsaps Interview
March 1 = MUN Dance

Oh yes. Busy, busy.


I am happy to announce my game of the year as…


What?! That’s right – I’ve picked an FPS over one of my favorite games evar, Supreme Commander and other RTS heavy weights (C&C3 and World in Conflict). It even topped Portal and HL2: Episode 2…


It’s hard to explain. The narrative is great, the gameplay is fun – my favorite part was beating a level and then reading GameSpot’s guide. They usually suggested using the cloak feature and hiding while secretly doing things. I basically ran in, guns a-blazing. The game is open-ended. Linear is best used to describe the last 2 or so hours, but still – the first 10 or so are entirely up to you and your play style. It’s a nice change for the genre.

Also, there are aliens… AND Koreans. Both like to be killed.

So, anyway, try it out.

Runners-Up: Supreme Commander


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