RE: I got a journal thing…

“Well… I got this Journal thing… I’ve read about it a lot, so I thought, ‘What the heck? What’s the worst that can happen?'”

And so, on February 24, 2004, I began writing in this amazing LiveJournal of mine.

Today, I post my 1000th entry. Oooh, exciting, isn’t it?! Would you like to join me on my trip down memory lane?

I’ve come a long way, obviously, since that first, monumental post. I was the tender age of 13, in 8th grade. It’s been nearly four years since (another leap year! *gasp*)…

Rather than bore you with a “4 years in review” post, I’ll just offer you some links with a few comments.

The First Rant – 02/28/04 – That’s right. My journal had a rant before it reached 10 posts.

The New Beginning – 04/13/04 – If you look at the archives, you’ll see some periods of inactivity in March. From this entry on, though, this blog became part of my life. *gasp*

Being Vague is Fun! – 04/17/04 – Not my vaguest, nor my first vague, but still. This establishes a running theme for the next four years.

Schedule on Crack, Day 1; Schedule on Crack, Day 2/Iron Chef America; Schedule on Crack, Day 3/Iron Chef America; Schedule on Crack, Day 4/10.5 – 4 Days (*gasp*) – Just… Haha. It’s a fun memory.

Summer ’04 Begins! – 05/21/04 – Just because you care so much about summer.

Cheshil’s Coverted – 05/25/04 – For the record, I have about 200 songs to date.

One Step Towards Commercialism – 5/27/04 – And here we are, $180~ later.

Summer Goals ’04 – 05/31/04 – For the record, I post my summer goals on 5/31 every year. Goes Commercial (but not really?) – 06/04/04

How to Make a Cheshil – 06/15/04

The First Mention of a TGJT – 06/22/04 – I believe the working title was “Rabid Gamer Blog Thing” … No joke.

Cheshil Installs Photoshop – 06/30/04 – Here we are, almost 4 years later, and I still don’t know what I’m doing.

Cheshil on ‘The Weather’ – 07/05/05

Tales of Symphonia?! – 07/14/04 – To this day, that comment still hurts my feelings. 😦

New Game+ – 07/23/04 – I stand by the last sentence of this entry. One of these days I’ll get around to finishing the game.

The First Day of High School – 08/05/04

Cell Phone?! – 08/11/04 – Where would I be without you, oh great mobile phone?

A True Story – 8/13/04 – I found this funny. …I still do.

Summary of 9th Grade: Quiz today, quiz tomorrow, quiz everyday, lolz.

100,000 – 8/31/04 – # of posts CCOM ‘had.’ Debatable.

The LJ-Month – 9/04 – At least one post a day, every day.

? – 10/3/04 – I’m not sure what this is about, but it entertains me greatly.

What you say !! – 10/12/04 – There were far too many AYB references in 2004.

State (Football) – 12/3/04 – Most entries in one day. Evar.

Oh, The Holidays – 12/26/08 – I did beat Baten Kaitos, Namco Museum is amazing, and Halls really come in handy.

Television is good for you. – 1/10/05 – They lie. It’s a great tool, seriously. Look at all of the acronyms I learned.

Class Picking, 9th – 1/25/05 – For the record, I ended up with 4 math courses, 1 science, 0 programming, 1 English, a French and a history

Star Fox: Assault FTW – 2/1/05

This is a true statement. – 2/28/05

This is semi-true. – 3/7/05 – The EE TGJT had the greatest build-up time EVAR.

EETGJTLOLBBQ – 3/15/05 – Read this. Note the comments.

I hate this entry. – 4/1/05 *gasp*

At this point, I’d like to point out that no one is still reading. I add only one final link:

The Best Day Evar in History – 4/13/07 – The sheer amazingness of this day is unrivaled. Read it. Learn it. Wish you lived it.

Thanks for reading, Devon everyone!

Cheshil, out


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