Prom ’08: A Recap

Prom began, for me, at about 10 AM on Saturday, when I was awoken to go pick up a corsage. I did so, and stood in a long line in the process. I suppose dances are pretty important days for flower shops.

I returned home, corsage in hand, and set out to clean my car. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know that’s no easy task. That took around 2 or so hours, with the cleaning, vacuuming, and window wiping.

Then… I slept. It made sense to sleep if I was going to be out late, so I got about an hour of rest before finally waking up at 3:30 to shower and get ready. I was ready at around 4:50, which was perfect.

I left around five and picked Devon up thereafter. Devon looked amazing/breath-taking/magnificent/better-adjective… But this wasn’t surprising, as she always does.

We returned back to my house for some pictures before leaving for dinner – we had 6:00 reservations.

It was about 5:35 when we left, and we were going to Jazzeppi’s, which is in Biloxi just past the Beau.

The magical ability of the highway landed us at the door less than five minutes after 6 and we were given a nice table next to an equally nice-looking pair of teenagers.

Food! We started with a nice Spinach and Artichoke dip served with some amazing pan-fried bow tie pasta. The pasta was pretty awesome, if not a little confusing. Tasted good.

I went with a Crab and Artichoke Bisque for my next course, and Devon had a Caesar Salad. Soup was good but nothing overly special, and her salad was pretty nice.

I went with the Eggplant Lorenzo for my main dish, and she had Chicken Ruffino – both of which, in my opinion, were pretty good. The dessert, a Creme Brule Cheesecake, was a little less than I had hoped for, but good nonetheless.

We left around 7:30, which gave us perfect timing – we arrived at the dance around 8:05 or so. We waited and waited on the walk out to make sure both of our parents were there and were the second to last to go. Honestly, I’m glad we went so late – it probably would’ve been pretty boring otherwise. After the parent-dance-thing, we basically hung out and danced and all of that.

It was pretty slow at the beginning, with the rap music and so forth… but by the end it was pretty awesome.

Things that happened:

*We tried to rickroll the dance
*The awesome dance circle
*Devon and I got pictures – while being watched by every teacher at the dance (>.> we’re legends)
*Singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” on stage
*The arch – “Prom 2008” – it’s in my room right now.

The dance was amazing. After we left, we dropped by Liana’s house and then my house to change… And then headed to the Y to swim, thanks to Melissa.

That was pretty fun… But the humidity cause water to drop from the ceiling, which was potentially deadly. Haha, but still – fun.

We left the Y and headed to Blake’s. Rock Band, food… It was awesome. Sure, we’re terrible at Rock Band (except for Devon’s 94% on Still Alive on Expert), but then I don’t think any of us actually play ever. Had a ton of fun.

Got home around 7 and slept until 2:30. Haha, I’m actually pretty tired now… But wow. I don’t think I’ll be able to capture how much fun I had last night in text.

What about everyone else?


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