Declaration: We. Need. LAN.

Read the title of the post.

I’ll say it again. We need LAN. No, put your copies of Halo away, and never bring them out in my sight again.

Q: Why do we need a LAN?

A LAN Party is probably the most fun someone can have with video games – even if you don’t play games. A LAN party is like playing video games with your friends, but in ways you generally can’t. That’s one reason why a console LAN isn’t really that special – I can play multiplayer Brawl any time. The odds of me playing Team Fortress 2 with someone else in the same room are much lower.

It’s fun. It really is.

Q: What separates a LAN from a “regular” party?

A LAN party is dedicated to the gaming – which opens up possibilities. Speaking as a PC gamer, you’ll learn that spots are limited – only so many people have PCs up to snuff; you won’t always be playing. However, when you are, you’ll be playing games with friends that you generally wouldn’t.

Q: So, I’m going to go to a video game party where I won’t always get to play?

Correct. You’ll eat! What you’ll especially do is socialize. When not playing, you’ll find yourself talking with others not playing. You’ll talk about anything or everything… And if you get into the game you may even talk strategy.

A LAN Party isn’t only gaming of the video kind – you could play the Water Game or Risk, or anything!

Q: I’m not good at computer games/they’re too complicated/they aren’t fun. Why do I care?

All true or valid opinions. I don’t expect everyone to know the same games – that’s not likely. But, then, how can you ever learn? The vast majority of you play Guitar Hero or some derivative, so don’t say a PC game is too complex – the skills you learn in any game are just as applicable.

If you aren’t willing to try, you’ll never really enjoy it, that’s true. Games can be daunting. Your typical Real Time Strategy game requires base building, troop creation, and economic management – plus timing and (of course) strategy. But, just like with a console game, if you aren’t good, someone can help… And practice makes perfect.

Saying a game is too complicated isn’t really a valid excuse – most games are complicated, but just trying to play is most of the fun.

Q: Yeah, okay, they’re great and fun, like you say… But, if they are, why don’t we ever have them?

A LAN party takes a spectacular amount of planning. One has to deal with PCs, heating, electrical outlets, wires and the likes. However, if you think about it, it’s no different than bringing a bunch of gaming consoles.

Here’s what we need:

1. Location
2. Computers
3. Game(s)

Point 1 is the one of greatest contention. Much like real life, the bigger the space is, the happier everyone will be. Being cramped into a tiny room with PCs isn’t fun. The greatest problem is the lack of space. All we really need is a big enough room with two (or, hopefully, more) outlets. The rest can be figured out.

Point 2 is debatable, but still workable. People have PCs. We just need to convince them to bring them.

Point 3 is easy in our great world of piracy.

So, I say to you, my friends: I want to leave this town after a LAN party. Drinks, pizza, gaming, and, most of all, fun. We can make it work, I promise – all I ask is that you guys consider the possibilities.

Plus, it breaks the monotony.


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