Going to Your First LAN? Tips and Tricks!

Oh, LAN parties… You’ve heard me make my case, and it’s finally happened. So, what’s expected of you, first timer LANer? Well, that’s what this is about – preparing you for the experience that is… LAN.

“Get the Supplies… Drop the Supplies…”

First thing’s first: what should you bring? Here’s your essential list:

1. Box
2. Keyboard/Mouse* (as necessary)
3. Monitor (as necessary)
4. Power Cables
5. Network Cables
6. Surge Protector (AKA Power Strip)
7. Speakers/Headphones**

*Those with laptops will probably be fine keyboard wise, but it’s HIGHLY suggested you bring a mouse. Touchpad + games = difficult

**Speakers are optional, and headphones are optimal. Remember, there will be a bunch of people… So speakers can be disruptive. Use your judgment.

“My Life for Aiur!”

So, how do you survive a LAN?

Lucky for you, I’ve got some experts with some tips and advice:


1. Have fun!
2. Rest beforehand – you’ll probably be up all night
3. Prepare your computer for transport the night before – it’ll cut down on “unforeseen” problems
4. Eat! You may not feel hungry, but you probably are – and it’ll affect your gaming
5. Optimize! Cut processes! If you lag, it’s your own fault
6. Play smart! Tanks > Rifles, remember that!


1. Don’t get tired
2. Get comfy
3. Don’t drink too much, unless you get easily dehydrated or are snacking
4. When you get tired, water is better than caffeine
5. Caffeine works for a short time, but you crash
6. The urge to go to the bathroom actually will wake you up


1. Always bring something to sweeten coffee with
a. Protip: Sprite doesn’t work.
2. Make sure your CPU fan works fine
a. Protip: If it doesn’t, try talking to it.
i. It works. Seriously.
3. Bring a blanket and movies
4. Make sure you 20 to see who gets to host
5. Make sure you trash talk everyone constantly. Makes it more fun.

Well, there you have it. That should cover what you need to know! And if it doesn’t, shoot me a question.

To close out, I have some final words from our experts:

Hope you guys have some beast times. Oh, and do Miles. He’s easy. –Jorge

Good Luck. –John

Make sure you give the people without computers a chance to play… And do yourself a favor: you aren’t going to have much time with the game, so at least look up some info on the features of the game. You’ll enjoy it more. –Cheshil


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