I’m okay… I’m okay. Barely.

Good news, bad news.

Bad news: I lost the car, like, big time.
Good news: I lost it close to Liana’s (

Worst news: How I lost the car…

It was hard enough to get it out of the garage, but I managed to get onto Government, not without a few ‘contacts.’ I’m glad I have an SUV.

When I turned towards Liana’s, though, there was a report on NPR.

The new coalition government of Nepal is dead. Apparently the outbreak in Asia hit Nepal, with it’s fracture government, hard. Reports of zombies in India, Pakistan, Russia and China. They canceled the Olympics – not surprising.

But… It was enough to take my eyes off the road.

There were a lot on the road – attracted by the car noise, I’m sure. I can take a few, but that many slowed me down enough to break through the windshield.

I got out of the back, luckily. I took to it with the shovel – it’s frightening how these things come back to you. I had the speed advantage and used it, but I also stuck to the road. Trees mean darkness. Darkness means danger.

But I’m okay. I made it to Liana’s, and with two floors, it’s much safer. We should have enough supplies to survive the storm, and if we don’t, I have the maps.

Be safe, everyone. Please. Especially you, Devon (



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