Strange turn of events

Noise. That’s what it sounded like at first.

But it’s clear now.

“Standard Preventative Biohazard Containment Procedure Approved. Commences at 12 Midnight. Civilians Advised to Evacuate”

It repeated that over and over again, and the digital signs on the CDC Humvees said the same thing. They were heavily armored with CDC painted on the signs, and blood stains over the front. I don’t think that was for effect.

I’m pretty sure this “SPBC” is just another word for “systematic neutralization of infected areas.” Great.

I know we have to leave, though. I’ve got the maps and four routes out. We’ll get out somehow.

But why are they doing this? It’s just pushing us towards the unknown… It would be safer to just fight the zombies on the streets, rather than sending us away. What’re they planning?

I don’t know where we’re going… But I know I’m not staying.


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