Zombies? What zombies?

LAN Party: Official Details

Date: Saturday, June 21st
Time: 2:00P – Following Morning
Where? John Bradley’s House: 15 Lakeview Dr
What You Need:

1. Box
2. Keyboard/Mouse* (as necessary)
3. Monitor (as necessary)
4. Power Cables
5. Network Cables
6. Surge Protector (AKA Power Strip)
7. Speakers/Headphones**
8. FEAR Combat, Downloaded/Installed
9. Approx 5 GB HDD Space for Company of Heroes/Patches/Maps

*Those with laptops will probably be fine keyboard wise, but it’s HIGHLY suggested you bring a mouse. Touchpad + games = difficult
**Speakers are optional, and headphones are optimal. Remember, there will be a bunch of people… So speakers can be disruptive. Use your judgment.


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