A Good Year for JRPGs

Edit/Update – 3:03 AM, 8-26-08 (Added Empire: Total War)
Edit/Update 2 – 5:25 PM, 8-26-08 (Empire: Total War delayed)

The latest entry in the “Tales” series – and an Xbox 360 exclusive. I enjoy these games because of the combat, which isn’t turn based, and also because of the multiplayer element – battles can have human controlled allies!

360/September 2
A Square-Enix creation exclusively for a western console, IU involves a moon that is chained to the planet and (*gasp*) a real-time battle system. Iffy on the details, but if it plays as well as it looks, I think I’m set.

PC/September 7
I think it’s fair to say that Spore is unrivaled in scope. Start as a microscopic creature and evolve your way up to sentient life-form… Then conquer the galaxy. Awesome.

I’ve already talked about why I like the Tales series… And Symphonia introduced me to it, another reason to purchase Dawn of the New World.

Expansion to my GotY 2007 – auto-buy.
(No actual screenshots out yet)

PC+360/November 4
Co-Op Zombie killing with an awesome AI director and beautiful design… The one game where all of the previews agree – you have to play it to understand how amazing it is. I’m excited.


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