Sins of a Solar Empire

Trust me when I say, in general, I am bad at video games. This is especially true in RTS games.

But this is just unfair!

In my latest Sins game (a 4v4 with multiple stars), my planets go like this:

Homeworld -> Asteroid -> Dead Asteroid, Dead Asteroid -> Sun, Enemies, Enemies

That’s all of 4 crystal and 4 metal asteroids for my entire early game. I basically relied on my allies to wipe up some planets on the other side of the system so I could take them for the resources. <.<

I plan a come back.

In other news, the LAN is August 3rd, officially, and we’re playing Sins. Tony is in charge of making sure the [lack of] DRM doesn’t kill us and also that we’re patched… I’ve heard there are LAN problems in the retail. Congratulations, Tony, you’ve just been promoted to Game Coordinator. Good luck!

Here’s one reason I love Sins: [MOD] Stargate Invasion. Oh yes.

Another is that the Advent are amazing. I believe the back story is that our culture was so corrupt and sinful that everyone kicked us out of the CIAC (Cool Intergalactic Awesome Club), so we came back with our psychic powers with the general idea of making everyone fall to our culture. In a roundabout way, I believe it means we got all of the girls and everyone was jealous.

Anyway, my life has been rather simple. I got a job up in Jackson, Stargate Atlantis is all-new again, and things have been rather nice.


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