I woke up at 10:30 on Sunday, half excited and half tired. I had a good amount of stuff to do, so I went straight to work.

I mopped, moved some stuff, and generally got ready. Around 12:30, I finally sat down to eat my lunch…

…And, of course, I got a gtalk message from Francisco about something urgent.

He would not be able to make it to the LAN (or, at least, not right away) because his dad had bought a boat and need his help cleaning it.

Fair enough. Buuut, Francisco offered his Laptop and we ended up deciding for me to pick it up and that he would join us after the cleaning.

So, having taken two bites of my lunch, I headed to Francisco’s and retrieved the laptop. Tony turned into my neighborhood about 3 seconds before I did, so I went to the front and helped him load his computer up.

Impromptu Dr. Horrible singing occurred and we set his computer up. I didn’t eat, but we talked strategy for the game.

The next time the doorbell rang, about a million people were at the door – it was on.

We set up computers and prepared, installing and patching Sins while enjoying ourselves/eating (but not my lunch!) and so on.

Once all of the computers were up and patched (except my desktop) we gathered into my room for a great showing of Dr. Horrible. Much singing occurred.

We then moved my PC and installed the game and patched it. Everyone got Hamachi and Jorge joined us for our first game… Or, rather, a test game.

The test game was pretty iffy for me. Kelly basically owned me (but only ’cause I wasn’t really trying!) but we made sure everyone ran the game nicely.

We then played our first actual game – Jorge, who lagged us in the first game, had to drop, so we played like this:

Tony (Vasari), Chris (TEC), Me (Advent), Normal AI (Advent) vs. Kelly (Advent), Brennen (TEC?), John-Liana (TEC or Advent?), Miles (Vasari?)

I ended up being closest to our ally the AI, so I had no issues early game except to get as many planets as possible (before the AI did). I ended up easily having the best early game for my team, getting a bunch of planets and sending resources over to Chris and Tony… Who also sent me resources. I was a source of early game metal, because I had a ton of metal floating for most of the game:

Artist Rendition

Chris became the target of the pirates (Arrr), which went against our plan of making Brennen their target:

Artist Rendition

Chris dealt with them pretty well, considering he had all of three planets. He did an excellent job of keeping his ships alive, considering we didn’t send him all that much money and he had a ton of ships. I, on the other hand, did an excellent job of losing two or three ships per battle against the small militias based on each planet. Luckily I had enough money, so it worked out.

Oh, yes. Tony? Tony and our good friend Kelly were next to each other, fighting away like crazy. Kelly started with the advantage, before Tony began a turnaround:

Artist Rendition

Liana, Brennen, and Miles were nowhere to be found.

Tony’s turnaround lead to an epic showdown between him and Kelly, but sadly she dropped because of lag, and Miles followed her after a computer overheat. 😦 :

Artist Rendition

Tony basically destroyed the Kelly AI and I soon learned the Miles AI was just a bit above me. I let that handle itself, while Chris (after finally getting enough ships to fight pirates AND capture planets) found Brennen and fought him:

Artist Rendition

Chris won.

Meanwhile, the AI avoided Liana and I decided she was ripe for the picking. At this point I was eating my lunch.

I took her capital planet first and it went from there:

Artist Rendition

Meanwhile, Tony finally had enough research to get the Dark Armada/Returning Fleet power (AKA free ships ftw) and Chris started building Novalith Cannons (AKA nuclear space gun ftw).

I more-or-less beat Liana and she came over for me to show her something and some form of crazy, random happenstance involving a surge protector, Liana’s foot, and a lot of screaming from Tony occurred.

We got the “victory” screen about 3 minutes later. I’ve yet to figure out what happened to the Miles AI.

While all this occurred, John and Miles went to get Francisco/a screwdriver. We played another game (this time with Liana on our team) and were winning when people started to drop.

Since Liana was alone with three enemies, she and I traded spots and I took on Kelly and two AIs. I had an excellent start before dropping because of lag.

On the other side, Francisco (who took the place of Brennen) was harassed by my three allies. Needless to say, we won – but not until after a few drops. In the end, most of us were talking while Liana and Chris took on a rather large AI army.

After the gaming, we mainly ate and talked… With some GTAIV thrown in. There was also cheesecake.

Highlights from the question game:

And, finally, Grand Theft Auto IV:

I had an awesome time.


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