The Media + Grand Theft Auto IV + LAN Party

Sure, Thailand has pulled GTAIV after a murder, and Spanish taxi drivers seem to feel their lives are now in danger (as if Spanish people weren’t in danger directly after the release of Resident Evil 4)…

But at the LAN party we played a lot GTAIV… Sure, I enjoyed hitting pedestrians almost as much as I enjoyed finding hookers (which is much harder than it should be) and then killing them for my money, but I’ve yet to go do this outside, in the real world. I don’t think any of you have, though John’s driving and the fact he owns the game may be linked.

So what’s the problem? Why oh why are people latching onto the idea that games make people do bad things?

It’s sorta baffling, really. Other media can be the same way… I believe once someone said that the difference between reading about a murder and having one in a game is that, in a game, you control the action.


I read murder mystery not too long ago, and at one point, it took the perspective of the murderer, and went on the describe this person killing someone in cold bold. I can only assume that more books like this (some, I’m sure, in first person) exist… So what, then, is the difference? In games you control the action – meaning you can make a choice NOT to kill the stupid people who gather around sidewalks asking to be hit… But not in books.

But I’m just rambling, really. If only people would stop listening to the murderers who say that video games made them kill people, and maybe examine these people a little closer.

To end on a positive note: this article made me smile.


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