The End of Summer

It’s time to look back and see how many of my goals I hit in the last 3 months!

1. Get a Job. I’ve been saying this for years – but really… This year.
2. LAN Party. You’ve seen my posts – it’s happening. June 28th.
3. We’re Making a Movie. At least one, any way. We’ve got 3 or 4 ideas floating around… All of them are good.
4. I’m Beating Some Games. Summer’s already started nicely: finished Mass Effect yesterday. I have a long list of things I need to beat… Hopefully I’ll hit some this year.
5. Something Awesome. It’s purposefully vague – something like another Fancy Night or 12-hour day or something – any ideas?
6. Attend an XKCD Meet-up. They’re on Saturdays.

I’m going to put 2, 4, and 5 in the 100% achieved pile. We had two LAN parties (one of which hits 2, and another 5), but we also had a Fancy Night (two, actually) plus a pool party and various other things. That means success! Four… Well, I beat CoD4 SP a while back, and, um, I played Sins and CoH and this counts… Okay?

I’d say 1 counts as a technicality. I did, in fact, get a job, it just doesn’t start until after I go to school. I’m 4/6.

The reason I didn’t do 6, frankly, is because I forgot. <.< Whoops.

As for three, we were plagued by various issues: the lack of a script, lack of camera, lack of editing software…. Et cetera. I’d say it’ll eventually happens, once I get a script.

So, a bit more successful this year than usually, I think. The LAN party was the biggest of the goals (maybe tied with the movie), but we pulled it off… Twice.

Overall? Good summer.


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