The College Life

Today I went through a “full” day of college and I guess it’s fair enough to write about it.

First thing’s first. I can’t honestly say I’m enjoying it. I’m sure that’ll change when I get involved in some extracurricular stuff, but ’till then it’s both boring and busy.

When I first got up here, they separated us into “Foundations” groups. These groups were a bunch of freshmen with two upperclassmen to help get us “used” to this thing. Basically, they kept us artificially busy until class started, which was really annoying. But Alex, a senior and one of my leaders, is pretty awesome.

Devon and I did some community service!

I haven’t played a game since I got up here. Not in the mood. I’m not really doing anything except eating, doing homework, and being tired. It works out, but it’s also sorta annoying.

Class yesterday was okay. Eight AM Calculus is a decision I will regret for a while, I’m sure, but I really like the professor. He’s funny… But gives out a ton of homework. A year without math has also lead me forget how much I hate Calculus. Last math class ftw.

Heritage is a large lecture/small discussion group based class. My discussion leader is a history teacher (the leader grades your papers – this is to my advantage), and she also did our first lecture today.

She has a PhD in French History. Robespierre?

This Digital Life is… Interesting. I can’t say I like the teacher, she just seems… Strange. The coursework should be easy enough (our first paper is on our digital biography), but it’s still added work.

Oh, yes. I have a paragraph due tomorrow (shouldn’t be too hard, but see above), a paper due Monday, a Calculus quiz on Monday, and Calculus homework every night. Fun.

Well, I have more reading to do, so I suppose this is about it. I won’t be able to come home this weekend, but hopefully the weekend after that… I cannot wait to be home.

Enjoy Gustav!


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