Going home tomorrow… Ready for some quiet and a chance to sleep on my bed. Oh, and picking up Tales of Vesperia from home, too! …And maybe begging for some money. I need Infinite Undiscovery and Spore.

Buuut, tomorrow I have the following:

8 AM Calculus
9 AM Heritage Discussion
10 AM This Digital Life

1:30 “Emerging Leaders” Meeting
2:00 Watermelon Bust*

*Details to follow

So that should be fun. I hope to make it home before 8 so I can watch Monk, Psych, and Stargate Atlantis at home… And eat a nice meal.

I really need to upload my dorm pictures. Someone remind me?

Also: 22/30 on my first college grade – a Cal quiz. This is not surprising and actually much better than expected.


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