Hi, Friends

As you can see, I am again blogging on my beautiful and perfect WordPress blog, free from the oppressive Communist shackles of LiveJournal.

The overall movement of 4 years worth of posts took about an hour – incredibly simple, but a few loses in the transition… Namely the comments and the subjects (those with numbered subjects used to be “no subject”). Really, not too big of a deal.

Rather than ask you to convert, I only hope you’ll keep reading and, using the amazing power of OpenID, comment a bit with your LJ accounts… Not more than the usual amount of effort!

Also, if you haven’t noticed, you guys have avatars… They’re randomly generated based on your e-mail address. Enjoy your monsters!

…Also: Don’t forget to friend my OpenID on LJ… Otherwise I won’t be able to read your entries.


About cheshil

College Student
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2 Responses to Hi, Friends

  1. Blackblade says:

    I wish I could see your posts on my friend’s page.

  2. cheshil says:

    Eh, some things just can’t be.

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