The meme

1. Um. Tony + his girls.
2. John
3. Reggie Fils-Aime. That would be epic
4. Devon!
5. There was this girl in one of my lectures. She asked a question and continued to ask the question while it was being answered. It was crazy.
6. Francisco. They’re in there.
7. Haha, Blake.
8. Rachel
9. Devon, of course, but I’ve done that. Liana, maybe?
10. Devon.
11. I’ll make it three-for-three. Jervis… And/or Britney.
12. Devon, of course.
13. “Is she an Asian?!” …Haha
14. Francisco. I’ll let you decide which of the two I’m talking about 😉
15. Tony. Would be hilarious
16. Pshhh. No one.
17. Eh.
18. I can’t say. ‘Tis a good question, though.
19. Tony
20. Liana
21 & 22. I’m too lazy to look up what this is asking of me.
23. I don’t have a boss.
24. Haha. No comment.
25. 😉 BESIDES me? =P
26. You. Unless you’re a guy, then not you… Okay, possibly you. I’m skilled. 😉
27. I’d like to imagine there are many.
28. A lot of people. We need to do it.
29. I wonder. Haha
30. Thanks for letting me do this instead of my homework. >.>


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3 Responses to The meme

  1. Blackblade says:

    You should have put Francisco down for 15. You know that video that I made? Well, he did a skit for his tale, and he dressed up as 2 different women. Francisco+dress=egh.

    And am I really the only one that knows what 21&22 mean?

  2. Blackblade says:

    Damnit, I posted with a different email, and the new avatar looks even more gay!

  3. Lunais says:

    …I have a unique view on life?

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