Ubisoft Beats Pirates

You read that right. Ubisoft + SecuROM successfully beat crackers this weekend with Far Cry 2. While the game was up for download days ago, as of posting time no crack has been found; a key gen has also not been created.

Word on the street is that this version of SecuROM is doing things differently. If you trust the comments at TPB, it seems that crackers may have not even figured out HOW to crack it.

This just makes me sad. šŸ˜¦


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16 Responses to Ubisoft Beats Pirates

  1. Lunais says:

    This… this is actually sorta scary…

  2. Blackblade says:

    It will be cracked. All DRM is essentially pointless, because it is impossible to evade the analog hole, or the content that it is “protecting” will be useless.

  3. Ananomous says:

    thar’s a cereal key bypass at teh pirate bay

  4. Dude says:

    you post tottaly bullshit there. KEy question got already disabled, “just” the analog stuff have to be sorted out now.

  5. cheshil says:


    You miss the point, genius. The game was released the 21st – the fact that it wasn’t cracked before release, though it was leaked, means the DRM did a big part of its job. Trust me, I watched people complain for two days about it.


    Obviously it would be cracked inevitably; the point is that it wasn’t cracked before release. The game had one of those “can’t play before release, loser” messages – and it was NOT cracked in time to get around that. In fact, the crack was released AFTER that message was gone (as in, on release). At that point, a keygen was needed. The released crack is now to remove the install limits… The point still remains that the DRM did a hell of a job.

  6. Dude says:

    anyway, the fact is that the game got cracked within 4days, 1 day after releas, and the point is, does it make sense to pay SecuROM? answer: NO

    also remember crackers are not paid! if you would pay them 100.000+ dollars like you would to SecuROM the game had been crcaked within the day the first Clone copy came up!

    crackers didnĀ“t got beaten at all! if they would have then you would never have seen a crack within a year or ever!

    the fact is just that FC tooked longer than most games to get leaked 1st time! (weĀ“re talkin about PC not XBOX release)

    so crackers had less time to be “intime” or faster than the official release! i donĀ“t get your point in saying that crackers got beaten by securom, since a late leak has nothing to do with DRM!

  7. dzadzev says:

    It’s cracked by Razor 1911 !

  8. Lunais says:

    Who the hell are all these people?

  9. Lunais says:

    No, seriously, where did they come from?

  10. cheshil says:

    There’s no way I’m saying SecuROM is a good thing, nor am I saying that it “won” or anything. I’m just saying it successfully did part of its job; that is, it kept the game from being playable prior to release. I’m no expert but the lateness of the leak isn’t a point in your favor… That’s another thing they did right.

    Of course it got cracked and I’m willing to bet that they can’t release a game with DRM that won’t be cracked. All I’m saying is that what success they DID have is only going to make them consider using more DRM. That’s bad news.



    Nooo idea, but they’ve pushed my hits over 80. Weird.

  11. wtfisthisshit says:

    the release date wasnt until the 21st in the US at the earliest

    some people are just fucking retarded

  12. cheshil says:

    And it was leaked before that. gg no re

  13. Blackblade says:

    What does it matter that it wasn’t cracked before release? Most people that wanted to pirate it before the release were just as eager to pirate it afterwords. All the DRM did was delay them for a day or so. I seriously doubt that it helped increase sales; all it did and continues to do is piss off users.

  14. cheshil says:

    You didn’t watch the comments, dude. A lot of people went out and bought the game.

    I’m willing to bet that it helped increase sales.

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