It’s late.

Thursday was a long day. It began about 8:45, when I awoke after about 4 hours of sleep. Sure, I had gone to bed earlier, but for some stupid reason I could not sleep… I was just glad my 8 o’clock was canceled.

I went to my Heritage lecture, on Medieval Music, and took some notes. Then I returned to Devon’s dorm. For the following hour, I worked on my Digital Life paper, which deals with GateWorld (my Stargate fansite of choice) as a community. Around 11, I went to the pharmacy to get some medicine to cure my stupid cold-thing. It took them forever, so by the time I left, it was almost noon…

…So I headed straight to work. I worked from 12-5; it was the Harvest Festival, so there were tons of children, but they pretty much stopped coming by two. I was fed many things: cookies, coke floats, nachos… Yum.

After work, I returned back to the campus, where I went to work on the Calculus lab I remembered I had to do while at work. I was on the last problem, and I stared at it for 45 minutes before I realized I could not figure out the problem. I shrugged, lied, and decided to take the max of four points off. I had bigger fish to fry.

Back at Devon’s, I finished the draft of my TDL paper, which was around 1000 words and not nearly complete… This is good, as the paper’s required wordage is 1,750-2,000. After the paper, which was around 9, I hung out with Devon for a bit and then went to the library to work on my Calculus homework, as I have a quiz tomorrow.

That took about an hour (9:30-10:30), and I even did most of the problems. Summation is easy, but I dislike LRM and RRM (Left & Right Rectangular Methods… They’re used to estimate the area under a curve), as they are very annoying.

Once I finished that, I took some time off and then started on some work for my Heritage discussion, answering questions about the Divine Comedy, which is really interesting and is probably going to go on my reading list once I’m free of Heritage. I also realized Dante’s depiction of Lucifer is epic and should have a video game made about it… Of course, then I remembered EA bought the rights to do just that within the last two months. Scary how things work.

I finished at about 1:30, then hung out with Devon for an hour. Now I’m back at my dorm, pre-loading Left 4 Dead. Also, Audiosurf is fun.

MUN. Gah.


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