Cheshil’s 1st Semester in Review

But first! Things of note:

*Wordpress 2.7(?) has a nice interface (so much more clean than before), but either my monitor is really bright, or everything is waaaay too light. Probably the former.

*My blog got 104 hits yesterday. Stats say I got 3 from searches. The rest are a mystery. It’s also sad that no matter how uninteresting I attempt to make myself (I don’t want random people reading this, for their sake), I still get visitors. I suppose I’m just inherently interesting.

So, anyway, I got back in a few hours ago after a lackluster Calculus exam we’ll not go into.

Going into exams, I was (more-than-likely) pulling As in all classes… Even Calculus. Don’t ask how it’s possible, because the majority of what I’ve done this semester is stayed up late and skipped meals… Though I must be doing something right (video games?).

Totally unrelated sidenote: they’ve reorganized the pantry since I left for Millsaps, and now whenever I open it, I seriously freak out because there’s some… hanging… spice-holder thing on the door. It scares me because it swings out in my general direction and catches me off-guard. Every time.

Back to the story! Of my classes, I think Calculus is my favorite, but mainly because it deals with concrete stuff, instead of more “liberal artsy” stuff like, you know, writing. I’m sure my writing has improved tenfold, but I am so sick of it that the irony of me writing a blog entry just hit me.

Ignoring that. Heritage is ridiculous. I think I’m doing well, but those tests are killer. To give you a breakdown of our final exam:


Describe a music piece (from sound) and describe it using music theory terms that we learned. Explain significance and relationship to the themes of Heritage (luckily, so far pretty much everything is a theme of Heritage if you push it hard enough). Music appeared for the first time on the final, and we had 5 choices, of which they played two.

Same as above, except we’ve had art from the beginning. I believe there were 23 or 25 piece of art this time, and they gave us four… We wrote about two. For normal exams, it’s a choice of one out of two.

They give us a bunch of passages (I’d say 5-7-ish) which are taken from readings we’re supposed to do. We have to explicate it, which means write an essay that describes the passage, it’s significance (by itself), it’s significance in relation to the larger work, and then said work’s relationship in history/relation to a broader theme. We read many, many things, and we had two to write for the final… For a measly 20 points total, meaning it was necessary but felt totally awkward writing a page and a half-ish for 10 points. Two is the norm, but it’s usally worth more (on the first, I think it was 60).

IDs are identifications of terms. On the final, we had to pick 5 out of a list of ten. We first write about it (just like all of the others), and then explain its’ significance (which is interesting for stuff like “tragedy,” which was on the second test). There are a ton of terms we had to study (over 50 for the final), but they’re not going to be giving us a study guide next semester, which puts it in the realms of infinity.


Also new to the test, and a feature I assume is finals-only. Compare ideas of person A to ideas of person B. Person A is from the “past” and B is a Renaissance-person, as that’s where the semester ends. I wrote mine on determinism vs. fate, and compared Virgil (fate), Dante (a bit of both), and Machiavelli (determinism, easily). Meh.

So. Yeah. Only one more semester of Heritage.

Also, remind me to show you my Beckett video.


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