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Here’s an interesting article I found linked at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It’s on DRM and, for the record, makes the EXACT same point I made in my infamous Far Cry 2 post (though in a less inflammatory way; in my defense, I didn’t expect to be linked by people).

For your convenience:

As expected all offline protection systems have eventually been cracked, and once cracked, a pirated version of an offline game is identical to the legitimate version in terms of gameplay experience. However the SecuROM, StarForce and Tages protection methods in particular have presented a strong barrier against being cracked, and the end result has been that proper working pirated versions of some games have not been available prior to the game’s official release, and sometimes not even a week or two afterwards. This delay and the resulting uncertainty in the availability of a pirated copy, however brief, can drive some impatient gamers to actually purchase the game rather than wait for a working crack to appear.

Now, just in case I somehow again end up on google…

I do not support DRM. I don’t think intrusive DRM is a good thing. I do think that developers and publishers have a right to protect their IPs. I know that every single piece of DRM ever made is crackable and will be cracked. The only question is when? I only point out the obvious: DRM is successful if it deters piracy pre-release. Every single day after release that a game can’t be pirated is like a gift to the company that made and published it. I’d love to come up with a happy medium that will make everyone happy, but I don’t have one.

It’s an interesting debate, though, if you look at both sides… Which we gamers are not always fond of doing.

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